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Dr. Amneet Aulakh, PharmD is a hospital clinical pharmacist specializing in internal medicine.  After seeing so many patients suffering from diseases as a result of lifestyle choices and poor nutrition, she embraced an empowering philosophy of ‘Prevention Not Prescription’.  She believes that the food we put in our body is the cornerstone to addressing the underlying causes of many diseases and preventing them in the first place, while reducing the need for prescription drugs that treat only the symptoms of illness.  As a healthcare professional and a mom, she is passionate about educating people to take responsibility for their health and learn more about the role of nutrition.  Dr. Aulakh received her doctorate in pharmacy at the University of Washington.  She is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to her community.

Todd Skene, MBA is just like any other father with a desire to raise a healthy child.  Concerned with the constant marketing of unhealthy foods to children by corporations that have taken over the kitchen and what we eat, and disappointed with seeing one too many nursery rhymes about cakes, cookies, and candy, he believes there are better C words that kids can learn when it comes to food.  After identifying a lack of simple, fun, educational books that children can read about healthy eating and nutrition, especially about plant-based foods, he came up with the idea of  N is for Nutrition - a book for children, parents, and educators to use for learning and teaching basic eating principles for a healthy life.  He was previously accepted into the British Mensa Society and was also nominated for Oxford University's prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.


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